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Take advantage of our Swing Shop Memberships to get discounted play and great deals. Even when there’s rain, snow, or the heat of that Arkansas summer, you can enjoy golfing right here with our simulators. And you never have to worry about losing your balls. Practice makes perfect, and with a Swing Shop membership, it’s easy to practice. If you have any questions about Memberships, give us a call.

Junior Member


4 visits per month

45 min sessions

Trackman Simulator play

Save time and money

Full Member

Our most popular membership


Daily 45 min visits

Best Value - at under $4 per session

45 min sessions

20% off any additional time booked

Early access to booking reservations

Premier Member


Expanded Hour Access to building visits

No Peak Hour Booking Restrictions

Earliest access to booking reservations

25% off any additional time booked

Membership Benefits

A Swing Shop membership is a great way to maximize your virtual golfing experience. One of the most common complaints of any golfer is that they don’t get to play as often as they’d like to. Now you can. Member benefits give you a chance to take advantage of discounted play and great deals. We offer three different membership tiers, (Junior Membership, Full Membership, and Premiere Membership) so there’s a package that’s perfect for everyone.

Save Money

A Swing Shop membership means you’ll save. Even if you just play a few hours a month, the membership will more than pay for itself.

Save Time

Scheduling tee time can be nearly impossible, especially during the busiest seasons. Become a member and play indoors quickly and easily in any weather.

Choose your course

You can play all the historic and award-winning golf courses on our Trackman Golf Simulators.

Improve your Skills

You’ll see accurate results, swing analysis, and more. You’ll be able to greatly improve your golf skills.